The Meaning of Words and Actions

When Nichii Gakkan bought up Sunset Hills and Cloudcatcher Labradoodles, some money was spent updating the old and dirty kennels and I thought the dogs would have a better life even if it is in a Puppy Farm dedicated only to Profit. Then I received a report highlighting several problems with hygiene and animal welfare at Cloud Catcher as the Australian wing of the multinational Labradoodle breeding factory is now called.

Rat and mouse traps and the droppings and dead are everywhere. Food bags chewed into by rodents are just taped up to be served to the puppies and breeding dogs despite the real risk of salmonella.

Call in Pest Control? Throw the contaminated food away as any good breeder would? No, that would eat into Profit. The managers would never stand for that!

There is no training for the staff, just given boots and a mop and told to get rid of the droppings and dead rats and mice as if that gets rid of the dangerous conditions that puppies and breeding dogs are living in.
Everywhere on the walls are cartoons of dogs aimed at building a media friendly image but dogs don’t appreciate art! Puppies of unfashionable colours, still waiting for sale, are kept in solitary cells unable even to see their litter mates and well apart from their mothers. I fear for their future, these goods cannot be recycled.

Puppies get no benefit from the artwork in their bleak and boring kennels with just bedding to destroy and no toys to play with. The puppy you have paid good money for is desperate for attention and love. But attention and love costs time; and time is money. Here is a statement from a worker at Cloud Catcher Labradoodles

UNBELIEVABLY for a breeding kennel and against all professional advice Cloud Catcher Labradoodles is advertising to board dogs in their breeding kennels.

Many of those reading this blog are professional and caring breeders who would never risk the lives of their precious puppies by allowing strange dogs on to their premises when they have a litter. The danger of Parvo and Kennel Cough is a real concern. The danger to the boarding dogs is also very real from these dirty kennels, owners boarding their pets should be prepared for salmonella and leptospirosis.

When a Puppy Farm is also a Rat Farm the health risks are real and obvious.

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