Nateco Foundation

In 2010, the Livelihoods Carbon Fund supported the Nateco Foundation to help tribal inhabitants regenerate their forest through sustainable land practices. Farmers learned how to make their own compost, increase soil fertility and even produce their own high quality and organic “araku coffee” that is now sold internationally. By combining carbon sequestration (1 million tons of CO2 to be stored in 20 years) and sustainable agriculture, the Livelihoods model has already planted 6 million trees, along with 3 million coffee saplings.

In 2018, Livelihoods pursued its support and launched with the Nateco Foundation an even more ambitious project that combines landscape preservation, soil restoration and sustainable agriculture. Livelihoods-Araku 2 project is converting 18, 000 hectares and training 40,000 farmers to sustainable land practices. From the top of the hills to the basins and rice paddies in the valley, the project’s goal is to restore the entire landscape, improve food security, preserve biodiversity to ensure the economic development of the entire valley. The Livelihoods-Araku 2 project will help sequester additional 2.3 million tons of CO2 in 20 years.

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